30 Mar 2012

Gone fishing

We bought a little fishing boat and Fanier rebuilt her.
 After a few weeks of fiber glass work [and very sore fingers]...
We got the "Catherine Victoria" on the water.
Last weekend, we toured the Golfo Dulce. 
We found palm fringed deserted beaches where to disembark.
And shimmering, lopping waters of mangroves at high tide.

We came upon a school of dolphins...
And Nilo caught his first Baracuda.

Here he is!
It was a magical day!

28 Mar 2012

Vine sphinx

A vine sphinx moth rendered on my coffee break with a ball point pen.

And why can't I get linkwithin to work on this blog?...

27 Mar 2012


Continuing my romance with coastline and ocean

[above] Paper Sailor Nautilus (Argonauta) - by John Mawe. 
More inspirational antique prints can be found here.

20 Mar 2012


There's something in all of this that has me hooked, but I can't work out what it is...
I am captivated by the idea of fragments... but it's still just a fragment of an idea!

14 Mar 2012


After a year of drastic changes, I am picking up threads again. 
Fanier & Catherine, July 2011

A new love... A new life... Renewed inspiration!

I am... slowly... [re] emerging!


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