19 May 2012

Rock Pools

Walking in the rock pools with Nilo.
Some are like clay.
Some encrusted.
Some embedded.
And some covered with all kinds of life.
 I have no idea what this strange creature might be, but surely it's a relative of the Trilobite?
About 3 inches long... and yes, alive!

I'm tired of only having the camera on my phone. 
I'm tired. Full stop.

12 May 2012


Heliconia leaves.
I wonder if a mould or an insect made these gorgeous patterns?

Crab galaxies.

5 May 2012

Catching up

I started off the week with an if-I-only-could kind of feeling.
A sense of increasing desperation over professional issues.

But it became impossible to keep that up for long, because this arrived...

Thank you Morna for this exquisite gift!

"If it were not for hope, the heart would break"
The English Proverb printed on her magic cards.

Patching a heart, regained hope!

With everything that's going on here, I quite forgot to mention anything about my son Eben's recent visit (he left Costa Rica 4 years ago to study, is now at Cardiff University, and we see each other for a couple of days once a year). This year he was traveling with his friend Alex. We decided to offer them a day on the Golfo Dulce in our new boat. And what a day that turned out to be!

We had a fine morning swimming off a small island in Los Mogos.
 Then moored the boat at Rincon, where you literally cross the street and there's a little seafood cafe.
I took this image just as we were to set out again. The water was like glass. But then half way out of this little bay (2 minutes later) a massive storm hit. Wind and torrential rain. The tide was coming in, and it was one of the highest tides of the year (10 meters). I didn't know whether the best option was to stay in the boat, or throw myself over the side!

Needless to say, I didn't manage to get any images at that point. My other son, Nilo, life jacket on, was bundled under black plastic on the floor of the boat, as we got tossed to and fro for a nearly an hour trying to get ahead of the storm.

This is our captain (my man, Fanier) with one of his reassuring smiles, as he finally steers us out of it.

This is what we left behind us.

And here we are after the ordeal.
Alex (left) who was not once afraid.
Eben (right) and I (center) still looking shaken up.
Nilo (at the stern) amused, just carries on eating :)

That was one month ago, and I haven't been back on the water since then.

Fanier, on the other hand, bent on making us a living at being a fisherman, sets out shortly after midnight most days.
Sometimes, I am afraid for him.

"Pargo seda" - related to Red Snapper.
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