15 Dec 2012

Creative absence

 Hello again folks!

It's been a while!
Hope everybody is happy and well!

I've been hard at my day job :) But there's only so much one can take of creative absence!

Last week, we escaped to San Jose for a couple of days, and I treated myself to some gorgeous new art materials.

Among other things...  a small selection of Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolors in tubes, and a set of 48 Steadtler karat aquarell pencils. It sure is difficult to find quality materials in this country!

Well, now for the hard part.
 Hoping for inspiration.

Climbing back into the saddle.

Don't know what species she is - will update as determined - but she is native to the Osa Peninsula.

My plan is to paint at least one small thing each week. 
But we all know how those kinds of plans usually turn out ;) 

I am also investing in a Wacom Intuos5 large graphics tablet, and they're not cheap! It's my way of making sure I keep going. 
Those who know me out there in blogland, know that I've spent more time in recent years playing with cloth. I haven't painted properly in years. But I have a dream... to combine my passions...
 Paintings + graphics + textiles. 
So, here are some tentative steps in that direction.

Latest love... Terreriums! Such a sense of freshness!
This is one I created yesterday, using only native plants.
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