20 Apr 2012

Finding diamonds

I did just a few more rows.
 I will keep going with this. But am not going to show it again until it's done.
Which could be sometime!
Just to say that - so far - it doesn't look as though the pattern will be lost because of the stitches.
The first sunbeams this morning casting shadows on the kitchen wall.
I love the pattern, the tones, and the simplicity.
I've been finding diamonds today.
I loved Susan's post. 
And I was reminded of an earlier experiment.


Sweetpea said...

Yowzer...that pattern is definitely NOT going to be lost! I will wait (somewhat) patiently for its evolution ;>]]

Susan said...

Thanks, Catherine!
and what lovely cut out diamonds!

Morna said...

Ooooh! I am loving this.

Jackie said...

How absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see this finished. Please let me know when its done. I'm sorry I'm not a frequent visitor. You are always so supportive and encouraging. Thank you.

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