21 Apr 2012

Light & Movement

Following on from yesterday's post... 
At home today. 
I uncovered a secret. 
The way that the shadows move around in my house.
Bold. Repeating.
Origins. A screen window, with a wooden lattice.
Sometimes the shadows and sunlight match to enhance the checkerboard, and sometimes they don't.
Sunlight stretched.
Diamond becoming elipse. Square becoming circle.
Light becoming lace.
The faux-lace cuff of a blouse. This last image is for Neki.

And I think this post is somehow related to this ???


ger said...


Deb G said...

shadow patterns, oh I love those.

jude said...


neki desu said...

ohhhhh! so lovely.shibori anyone?? thanks for the lace.
and this for you

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hi Neki, thanx for the link that's gorgeous too!
This was my idea for what you might try with your ball of ribbon. The faux lace is made of something that looks like sewing tape. Simple, but very effective!

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