10 Apr 2012

Tababuia Chrysantha

Possibly the last of the dry season blossoms. Tababuia chrysantha.
The rains are coming.

I couldn't choose which image I liked best. I added them extra large for full impact!


stitchinglife said...

Hello you :-) Saw you when commenting on Judy's post. Didn't know you were back at the blog - good to see you again x

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hello Karen, it's a recent - and really only partial - comeback ;) Lots of life changes and practically no time to make, but just enough to keep the dream going, and to post a few thoughts and sights. But it's good to be back on the path at least... and even better to see you here again! Big Hugs!

neki desu said...

i "think" i remember this one.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...


You do! There are posts on my previous blogs, under the following links:

Nice to know that people pay so much attention! ;)


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