5 Apr 2012

What else!

When I'm not at work - which is most of the time - I try to do some of this...
what else...
I'm getting to see a lot of this... light patterns and movement on water.
Sometimes, a bit too much movement!
 We sailed into a storm. It was very choppy and I admit I was afraid!
But well worth weathering it out for this.
And this! The man caught "Manchado" - related to red snapper - in the dark.
 It was delicious!
I was thinking about those ocean skies. But can't decide if I prefer it like this...
Or like this??? 
Something started... that will probably just remain as another fragment of an idea. The sky needs more apricot. 
I grated some avocado pit.
Within seconds of being exposed to the air, it starts to turn that delicious marigold color.
I threw it in the pot with a few small scraps. I am not a patient cloth dyer.
I keep finding little scraps of fabric all over the house. I picked these three up today, and the coincidental arrangement was pleasing.

Any minute now, my eldest son, Eben, is going to arrive, and I haven't seen him for a whole year!


Morna said...

This is a gorgeous post. Not sure what I like best, but I know I do love that last photo. :-)

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hello Morna! Welcome! ! After a few days thought, I think I prefer the long strip version of what I was playing with. But now I'm wondering how I might incorporate something like the last image...or whether if I try to do that it will be too contrived?...and anyway, it's doubtful that it will get any further. These are things that I toss around in my mind, mostly. Thanks for coming over here. Hope to see you again soon!

Jacky said...

So much to much happening in your much beauty.

The fishing, the sea, the news of your boys.

I love your new cloth work.

Jacky xox

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