14 Apr 2012

Hamadryas - Progressing

Neki had the idea that this design could be printed and then stitched on top. That's what I think too. A silk screen print. A stamp even. Unfortunately, neither of those methods are options currently. 
So it had to be the hard way... cutting out each individual form... and building up the colors by layer! 

It's not like I either have a large stash of cloths to choose from. I found some scraps which were kind of the colors that I had in mind, but are not the easiest for this kind of work. Some thin linens, a heavier linen, and a poly-cotton mix, all of which refused to pass with grace through the blades of the scissors, [admittedly, this might have been easier had I not been using my scissors to cut branches recently!] the grain shreading off in all directions, giving everything a very un-uniform edge. But I decided not to let that put me off, and kept at it. Perhaps it will be more interesting because of that?

Now, I have a massive headache, and the first piece ready to be stitched in months. 

But will I?

Here it is under construction... layer-by-layer!

What do you think?


Sue said...

I am lovin this.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hello Sue, Nice to see you. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm at that "if I go any further, will I ruin it?" moment. And I'm not sure how to treat the stitches. Blanket stitch the borders of the appliques? An aqua colored kantha stitch all over? Same color or contrast stitches on each element?... Hmmm...!!!!

Sweetpea said...

Nothing better than cuts done by a gardener....ohhhhh, please do CONTINUE.
Granted, I am not a straight edge kind of gal, so I adore what is happening here. The graphic elements
alone make my heart sing.
I definitely think yours is...singing ;>}}

Have I mentioned how happy I am that you have re-emerged?! Wasn't the same out in the interpixies without you.

jude said...

this is grand, so bold. my first feeling was to turn the edges, but i think, well, this is really different on terms of a bold design. i wouldn't want to see the stitch over power it. that is the thought i have.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Thank you Christi! I think that has to be one of the sweetest, most encouraging comments that anyone has ever left!!!! God Bless you!!!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Thank you Jude! It WOULD be nice to turn the edges! To have that crispness... like Suzani cloth. Part of my decision not to work it that way, is the sheer time involved! I know I would get one of the symbols finished and be wooshed off with the next idea. I agree about the stitching over-powering it. I think that is my question here. I want to see what happens to boldness if I ignore it. Will all-over stitching unify(?) the cloth? Will the pattern remain suspended beneath the stitching? Or will it just be lost?... It's a learning process, so I guess I have to leave room to leave room for the mistakes I'm bound to make, right?

neki desu said...

i love what's going on here! i wouldn't turn in the edges, if you asked me, because of the boldness of the elements and design.go ahead and stitch,you can always " de stitch" it's not written in stone :)

stitchinglife said...

I think it's perfect as it is. I wouldn't turn the edges either.

jackie said...

I like your bold design. I think the 'ifing and buting' is all part of the creative process and part of the fun. Its never really relaxing as people who don't do this sort of thing tend to think.
I have sent you an email about Malaxa.

cleo said...

hola catherine,
i love your blog. i just saw an old comment from you on my blog. i lived in honduras for most of a year (some time ago now) and your photos remind me of that time and place. . your stitched piece looks beautiful. i love the simple running stitch over all. and so gorgeous to see your working drawings, your method. lovely!

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